Friday, April 29, 2011

ECHOES Series Review

OH MY GOD! This limited series comic was just amazing! Throughout the releases of each book it had me on edge, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next one! Well, anyway... This is the story about a man named Brian who starts off next to his dying and nearly brain-dead father in the hospital. He is known to have a distant relationship with him, but they both share a mental illness of schizophrenia which Brian tries his best to fight. WELL! just before his father's final moments he confesses to Brian some terrible information... Now, Brian is left with his father's crimes and has no idea what to do or where to turn!
I couldn't believe it when I first read this book, it blew me away, and now that the series just ended, it is definitely one of my favorites. If you want to start a new series but don't know what to jump in to, I HIGHLY recommend picking this entire series up. It's a wonderful read especially if you like mystery/thrillers.

OFF TOPIC:  If you guys have any good reads of recommendations of comics I'd love to hear 'em! I'm always riding up to the comic store :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Check out this little thing called Arduino!

This is going to be a small post about a little gadget I have grown to love called Arduino! As you can see, this is not a comic book hahaha BUT still just as great! It is a prototyping, microprocessing piece of hardware that you can use to make pretty much anything from robots to alarm clocks ANYTHING you can put your mind to.

Yup, that's all I had to say really... I'll be posting more comics and things like this that catch my interest.

Super Dinosaur Issue #1

Super Dinosaur is an odd little comic, it is the story of a egotistical kid  named Derek Dynamo, his father Doctor Dynamo and his friend Super Dinosaur or SD for short. They fight off the evil dinosaurs trying to gather Dynor (a very dangerously unstable mineral) working under Max Maximus, the main bad guy. This story is another odd one but, it has some huge potential especially since it's being written by the writer of one of the most popular comic series out there "The Walking Dead" I'm sure you may have heard of the TV series on AMC and if not, you really should give it a watch... ANYWAY, I suggest picking this one up, it's a cute little story and the art style fits AND I mean honestly what is cooler than a genetically altered T-Rex playing video games???

you can read a preview here

Friday, April 22, 2011

CHEW Comic Book Series Review

CHEW this is actually the first comic series have started reading and now... I AM HOOKED ON COMICS!
This is the story of Tony Chu, a common Asian guy minus the fact that he is "Cibopathic" which means whatever he eats he can figure out where it came from, how old it was, how it was killed... Etc. He lives in a world where all chicken is banned due to a so called bird flu which previously killed millions. Throughout the series he uses his unique power to solve mysteries and crimes along with the FDA. It sounds like a silly plot BUT these stories are just addicting, reading one after the other it just gets better and better! It's a humorous read and I recommend anyone to pick this series up at the local comic book store ESPECIALLY if you are new to comic books and want a good story to read!

Comics are not just super heroes in spandex, great indie comics like this are a sure example!

I hope to be posting short little reviews like this on many other subjects :D

About me!

Hello! My name is Samuel, I am a proud geek. I love many things from general technology to video games to comic books and even to trading cards! I will try and cover many different topics throughout the posts, I think my first might be a comic review or something of the sort.
I love EVERYTHING about computers and try to expand my knowledge on the many different subjects, I guess I get the passion from my father. I always seem to be messing around with some form of a computer hahaha...

Hmmmmm, don't know if there is much else to say at the moment! You can send me some feedback or suggestions in the comments, a little constructive criticism is always nice.